Memory. How to develop, train and use it.


Give me one hour and I'll have you on your way to a stronger, faster memory!

"Who Else Wants To Memorize Nearly Everything You Read - Along With Faces, Names, Directions And Even More - Without Mentally Beating Yourself Up?"

Imagine walking into a room long enough to take just one glance around. Walking out. And then making everyone's head turn when you are able to...

...recite each and every object that was in the room. Yes, every single object in sight.

The truth is, this is a kids game in some countries of the world. And virtually anyone can train their mind to do the same thing.

You can (at any age) perform feats of memory that would seem like magic to most untrained onlookers. (In fact, one French Magician used his trained memory to do just that)

But it's not magic and you don't have to be special. Or even considered "smart." Most anyone can train their brain to recall large amounts of information through pure brain power.

Some people try to memorize as many mnemonic devices and acronyms as they can. But memorizing words to help you remember other words DOES NOT improve your memory.

After developing and training your memory for just a short while, you'll start to notice that you can put facts away with less and less effort. The more you practice, the more you'll be able to recall (and the more you will impress those around you).

If you want to train your mind to do seemingly impossible feats, then let me tell you about the book that spills the beans on super recall. A book called...

"...Memory - How To Develop, Train And Use It!"

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See how easily you can commit facts, directions, names, and numbers to memory (without even trying too hard).

You don't have to be a genius (or even that smart) to have a masterful memory. Do you want to be able to read a book once through, then sit down with pen and paper and outline the entire book to the smallest detail?

Are you just looking to remember names and faces? Or are you afraid that your memory is fading with age and want to stop the process before it goes too far?

For whatever reason, anyone can train their memory (without useless "memory systems") to recall facts at a moments notice without breaking a sweat.

In fact, the book I have waiting for you shows...

"How To Recall Facts And Relay Them Like A Genius!"

Within the pages of "Memory - How to Develop, Train And Use It," you will discover how to train and exercise your memory to limits you never though possible. This special book is available by download right here, right now, so you can be reading it in just minutes. is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

Why the myth that memories are "born" not "made" is completely wrong. And how you can use that to your advantage.

The three essentials to a sharp memory that you must master if you want to turn foggy details crystal clear.

The secret to cross referencing related ideas for instant recall.

How to take the shortest path to improved memory (without wandering aimlessly about like other programs may have you do).

2 concepts that help the mind recall memories more than any other. Master these and you'll no longer have to "try" to have a great memory.

The power of visualizing.

How "The Intelligent Law Of Memory" can be the one-two knockout punch for a lasting memory.

Find out about the 90 year old lady who could recall any bible verse on demand. Or the man who was able to memorize both the Iliad and the Odyssey in just three weeks!

How the power of associations can leave you worse off if you use it wrong.

The Greek Poet (from 500 B.C.) who's work has influenced nearly all memory systems since.

Why ridiculous associations (meant to be recalled easier) are truly ridiculous. Hint: Because they don't improve or strengthen your memory.

Why "memory systems" actually keep you from improving your memory.

How our highest form of memory comes naturally (without any effort).

The experts all agree that you must have this to cultivate and develop your memory.

How "voluntary attention" can lead you down the road to a masterful memory.

The secret to massaging your "voluntary attention" skills until you no longer have to try and remember even the smallest details.

The secret to breaking complex objects down into smaller (more memorable) parts.

Why the experts agree that this is the second most important step in memory. (And often essential to recalling previous memories)

The reason why we find it easy to recite the alphabet forwards, but not so easy backwards.

Why some people can remember numbers but not faces - and vice versa.

The two senses that "remember" better than the others. And how memory teachers use them to strengthen recall.

How Robert Houdin, the French Conjuror, trained his eye to "see" for the first time. And remember an uncanny number of objects in a shop window with just one quick glance.

How to "play with dominoes" to steadily increase your recall.

The tiny little known fact that the majority of successful people are able to recall faces and names quite easily - and throughout history! Socrates was said to remember the names of all of his students (which numbered in the thousands each year).

How a banker that was terrible with names came to be known as "the man who never forgets a name." And how he did it (Hint: He trained his senses)

How Henry Clay (who never forgot a face) was able to recall meeting a man from a jury he had tried a case before over 20 years previous.

How successful gamblers are able to tell the strength of an opponents hand simply by comparing their facial expression to their regular appearance committed to memory.

The secret to instantly putting any face into memory.

Tricks and tips you can use to make sure you never forget a place (or how you got there). Never have to ask for directions more than once!

The two ways in which people remember numbers. And which one will work best for you.

How to use the Law of Association with numbers to ensure unparalleled recall.

3 rules to memory that never fail.

The young composer (who you've probably heard of) who could remember note for note elaborate solos from concertos after just one hearing... at the age of FOUR!

The secret to memorizing music like you would the alphabet (that most any child can do without problem).

How one man with a habit of forgetting everything set out to strengthen his memory to have a career in politics. And which exercises allowed him to be one of the most well-known politicians of his day!

The secret to storing little known facts in your mind for instant recall.

What you can learn from a child to improve your memory.

How a line from a popular song can teach you to put long verses, poems, plays and more to memory.

The rule that must be followed if you want remember what you've read.

1 tool anyone can use to instantly make any book stick more vividly in your mind.

The secret to taking in lectures or sermons as if you were the one who gave it.

8 main points that when added to your daily life will turn you into a mental maven.

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

"You Don't Have To Be Young To Improve Your Memory!"

And I can prove it.

Just check out pages of this book. A ninety-year-young woman (yes, 90) developed her memory to the point where she could recall any verse from the bible at a moment's notice. (Her friends were shocked.)

And children are often at the perfect age for learning how to use their memory in ways most of us never do.

In the past, parents played games with their children to improve their memory. When you start reading this book, you'll discover simple games (using ordinary objects from around the house) that will steadily and effectively improve your child's memory. (Giving them a huge advantage later on.)

Don't let anyone tell you the best way to put things to memory is with a mnemonic device. These "memory systems" are great for a few items, but they really don't help you IMPROVE your memory.

Inside this special book, you'll learn the 3 rules to memory that never fail. Master these three rules and you'll enjoy a master recall system for life.

Over 200 pages of examples, stories, and exercises are packed into one web site. One book that I guarantee will improve your memory (keep reading to see how). This book will show you how to put to memory names, faces, places. Endless facts (from books you'd normally just forget), words for an extended vocabulary, books, plays and more.

What would you pay for a near perfect memory? If it'd save you time, frustration, and make you look really smart.

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